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                            2014 SAN FRANCISCO AWARD RECIPIENTS

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Ron Turner(Last Gasp Books), Lawrence Ferlinghetti(Poetry;City Lights Books),

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT (Posthumous): Margaret Killgallen(Visual Art), Arthur Szyk (Visual Art)  Suzanne Fiol (ISSUE Project Room), Lee Lozano (Visual Art)


POETRY:  Ishmael Reed, David Meltzer, Al Young, Maketa Groves, A.D. Winans, Kaye McDonough, Herschel Silverman,

Neeli Cherkovski, Marc Olmsted, Julia Vinograd, Vampyre Mike Kassel(Posthumous), Joie Cook (Posthumous),

Eli Coppola (Posthumous)


FICTION: Karen Lilis, Ezekial Tyrus, Jerry Kamstra, John Longhi


JOURNALISM: Evelyn Nieves  (The Jungle: Thousands of Homeless People Live in Shantytowns at the Epicenter of High-Tech, Super-Rich Silicon Valley), Cary Tennis (early spoken word scene articles), Lisa Chau (interviews with avant garde writers & artists)


NON-FICTION: Bill Morgan (The Typewriter Is Holy), David Talbot (Season Of The Witch)


BIOGRAPHY: Neeli Cherkovski (Biographies of Charles Bukowsk, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Whitman's Wild Children)


DOCUMENTARY: Tate Swindell, Todd Swindell


CULTURAL HSTORY: Polly Zavadivker


TRANSLATION: Jurgen Schneider, George Scrivani



INTERNATIONAL ART: Cosimo Frezzolini, Dalila Chessa


VISUAL ART: DYoungV, C3, Kyle Ranson, Mark Pauline, Raphael Gribetz, Kal Spelletich, Barry McGee, Molly Crabapple, Chris Johanson, Christopher Burch, Philip Zimmerman, Red Arobateau, Mike Cockrill, Lael Marshall, Tasha Robbins




ART GROUP: Survival Research Labs


GALLERISTS: Aaron Rose, Winston Smith's Collage Museum, The Emerald Tablet


COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS: Creativity Explored, Mission Artists United, MAPP (Mission Arts & Performance Project)


PERFORMANCE ART: Scarlot Harlot, Peaches Christ


CURATORIAL: Gravity Goldberg (Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco)


PUBLISHING: A.D. Winans (Second Coming Press), Joyce Jenkins (Poetry Flash), Colin Turner (Last Gasp Books), Jennie Josephs (Manic D Press), Bernard Meisler (Sensitive Skin), Mel C. Thompson (Cyborg Productions), Bruce Isaacson (Zeitgeist Press)


CHILDREN'S LITERATURE: Virginia Barrett (Feather Floating On The Water:Poems For Our Children By San Francisco Poets)


PHOTOGRAPHY: Julia Solis, Chris Felver, Michael Rosen, Ruby Ray








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